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Uwe Rieger & Yinan Liu

Tharindu Kaluarachchi,
Amit Barde

LightSense introduces a new generation of responsive architecture. It invites the audience to engage in intimate and meaningful interaction with a living architectural body. The kinetic construction combines a lightweight structure with 3D holographic animations. An integrated AI system, which has been trained on sixty thousand poems, allows the structure to engage, lead and sustain conversations with the visitor.


LightSense inspires the audience to engage in direct communication about topics we care about. Its responses are truly associative, unpredictable, meaningful, magical and deeply emotional. LightSense listens with interest and curiosity before responding from a personal viewpoint. Analysing the emotional tenor of this conversation, the system is able to transform into a series of hybrid architectural volumes, immersing the visitors in Pavilions of Love, Anger, Curiosity and Joy.

Design and programming by arc/sec Lab, UoA:

Uwe Rieger & Yinan Liu
Neural network by Augmented Human Lab, UoA:

Tharindu Kaluarachchi, Suranga Nanayakkara
Spatial sound by Empathic Computing Lab, UoA:

Amit Barde
Linear mass distribution system by New Dexterity Group, UoA: JunBang Liang, Gaogeng Gao, Minas Liarokapis

Support: Jacky Zheng, Yan Li, Kenny Chau, Nicolas Fuentes Wilson
The project was funded by the University of Auckland

Exhibited at the New Cathedral Linz,

Ars Electronica Festival, Austria, 2022


arc/sec Lab 

The University of Auckland

School of Architecture and Planning
26 Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Assoc. Prof. Uwe Rieger

Yinan Liu


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