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The project HybridObjects (HO) aims to investigate solutions for a new breed of hatic that extend the tactile experience of objects into the dynamic world of digital information. The HOs link hand-held physical objects to digital audio-visual information. Moving, handling or operating these objects corresponds directly to an interaction with their attached spatial graphics and sound. The design of the object gives equal emphasis to both the physical and digital components.

This form of digital extensions may be applied to new-purpose built designs as well as existing products or artefacts. Examples for the type of attached information include: product capabilities and user instructions, cultural and historic contexts, brand identity and experience.

The aim is to design a range of task-specific prototypical objects, where digital functionality and digital aesthetic merges seamlessly with the handling of the physical objects. HybridObjects have the potential to dramatically change the user experiences, and as such provide new opportunities for market innovations.

HO 100
HO 200


Xiaojia Du, Stephen Njoto, Ziyi Zheng


Dennis Kwon, Sue Rim Lee, Delnaz Patrawala


Le Minh Dang, Leo Nishimura, Nicholas Rowsby, Richard Yi


Martin Dow

arc/sec Lab 

The University of Auckland

School of Architecture and Planning
26 Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Assoc. Prof. Uwe Rieger

Yinan Liu


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