3D Tumour Evolution Model

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3D Tumour Evolution Model

3D Tumour Evolution Model Understanding tumour evolution through multi-user augmented reality visualisation


Overcoming tumour heterogeneity and evolution remain fundamental challenges for oncologists. Understanding the complexities of genomic data from spatially distinct sites is a complex task, requiring novel tools. The multi-disciplinary  team led by researchers from the University of Auckland developed an Augmented Reality 3D model of tumours evolution and representations of linked genomic data.



The application uses multiple AR headsets to allow for user-friendly interactions with the data in a “multiplayer” mode and enables live spatial collaboration between researchers.


This is a two year project that started in 2020 and is funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRCNZ).

In collaboration with:

A NETwork! Group, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland

B. Lawrence, T. Robb, B. Woodhouse, C. Print, D. Hurley, K. Parker, P. Tsai, C. Blenkiro


School of Architecture and Planning, arc/sec Lab, University of Auckland

U. Rieger, M. Davis, Y. Liu, Y. Li, J. Guo


Centre of eResearch, University of Auckland

R. McColl, Y. Wharton, B. Haux, R., J. Lee Roper


Centre for Computational Evolution, Faculty of Science, University of Auckland

A. Drummond


Biological Data Science Lab, Department of Computer Science, University of Otago

A. Gavryushkin


Radiology, Auckland District Health Board

J. Reeve


arc/sec Lab 

The University of Auckland

School of Architecture and Planning
26 Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Assoc. Prof. Uwe Rieger


Yinan Liu



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