CyberBio Architecture

Design of interactive cyber-biological materials and environments

Cyber-Bio Architecture is a research project that explores the design of interactive biological materials and environments. In this thesis, the fundamental concepts of cyber-physical systems and internet of things are studied, to establish an interconnection between the physical behaviors, digital data and the user. 


These concepts are applied to the creation of living materials with embedded interactive behaviors. Through the design and construction of pop-up laboratory, this thesis investigates into the architectural parameters of a cyber biological system. In this cyber-bio system, biological matter and digital information are actively interlinked through AR headsets, environmental sensors and diverse actuators.

The project is an applied experimentation at a 1:1 scale to create a functional architectural system. Within this system, human behaviors and materials are interlinked. The manipulation of organic mediums along with its live data information point towards a new form of living architecture. Here, architecture and user establish a companion relationship, in which the architecture is fragile and requires constant care from the user.


Thesis project at the arc/sec Lab by Jacky Zheng


Project Supervision: Uwe Rieger and Yan Li


arc/sec Lab 

The University of Auckland

School of Architecture and Planning
26 Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Assoc. Prof. Uwe Rieger

Yinan Liu


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