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Kōrero Paki
Our Stories of the Legends

Placed at the intersection of visual arts, performance, and creative technologies, Kōrero Paki is a collaboration between the arc/sec Lab, Yinan Liu and Uwe Rieger and Manaia M, Jermaine Leef and Holly White.


Kōrero Paki takes five key moments from Māori mythology and transforms them into 3D holographic sculptures displayable on various devices. The narratives address the creation, the journey from Hawaiki, the significance of the whale, the ceremonial welcoming onto the Marae, the use of traditional weaponry and martial arts.

The five chapters are a blend of songs and stories from Jermaine’s personal experiences growing up in his iwi Ngāti Kahungunu, and Ngāti Rongomaiwahine.


The Kōrero Paki project uses an anaglyph stereoscopic display method to create small digital sculptures, which remind of ‘holographic carvings’. The 2D graphics are by the artists Māori Erstich and Te Ahuora Macfarlane. Using a simplified motion capture process, they were transformed into animated stories through a live recoded performance by Eds Eramiha.



Watch as the figures appear to dance above the monitor on the floor of the gallery when viewed with simple red/cyan glasses. You may also take the stories with you. Using your smartphone as a digital mini stage, the holographic sculptures will perform in the palm of your hands.


For more information and to download the phone app, please visit:

Project Credits

arc/sec Lab: Yinan Liu, Uwe Rieger, Kathy Yuan 

Manaia M: Jermaine Leef and Holly White


Artwork by Māori Erstich and Te Ahuora Macfarlane

Performing Artist: Eds Eramiha


The project is funded by Creative New Zealand


arc/sec Lab 

The University of Auckland

School of Architecture and Planning
26 Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Assoc. Prof. Uwe Rieger

Yinan Liu


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